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you have done it unto Me

- Jesus

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Changes at Hole in the Roof

            Hole in the Roof Ministry Center was birthed from a vision to help people who are hurting find peace, love, wholeness, healing, and empowerment from a relationship with Jesus Christ. In Luke chapter five of the Bible, the story is told of the men who brought a paralyzed man to Jesus for healing. They were so desperate to help their friend that they cut a hole in the roof of the building and lowered their friend to the feet of Jesus. We here at Hole in the Roof Church have the same heart cry as those men in the Bible. We want to help people find that lasting loving relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ

To learn about our partnership with Dream to Lose and donate towards our spinning bike campaign, click HERE.

          To learn about our new men's group called "The Man Cave", click HERE.



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